With anatomy workshops, outdoor hiking/retreats, and special events – there is something for everyone.


The Yoga Hike & Anatomy Intensive have both been cancelled for now, due to the current state of the pandemic.

The Yoga Hike will be rescheduled, and the Anatomy Intensive will be coming at you virtually! Stay tuned for announcements on both!

NEW LEAF Camping Retreat

OCTOBER 9th – 11th


  • Exploring the Hips, A Physical and Spiritual Journey – this workshop is a deep dive into what makes up this major joint. Learn and apply the physical anatomy to improve your alignment, learn modifications, and connect with this space. Using the physical, we will tap into the energetic and learn tools to clean out your “emotional junk drawer” to feel more grounded within ourselves.
  • Anatomy in the Flow – this three hour workshop will educate  participants about the movement capabilities of major joints and muscle groups. That knowledge will then be applied to the postures that compose Surya Namaskar A & B and allow for a safer, more connected, practice.
  • Yoga for Athletes – broken down into a four part series,  this workshop will focus on why yoga is absolutely essential for anyone on a fitness pursuit and how to implement it into their routine. Topics covered include flexibility, range of motion, cross-training, injury prevention, and meditation. Yoga for Athletes will help you add this ancient practice to your modern goals and unlock new potential.

Are you a studio owner who would like to feature one of these workshops at your space? Reach out and let’s enrich the lives of your students together.

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